james varga on a boat

I launch products and grow brands.

I’ve helped launch and grow extraordinary brands in web, mobile, CPG, home furnishing, electronics, toy and apparel that have achieved placement at nearly every big-box and specialty US retailer, generating well-over $2 billion in retail sales.

I see my career as an adventure which, guerilla-style, has permitted me to acquired a unique skill set ranging from marketing(traditional & online), media production, product and web development. As much as possible, I challenge myself to extend outside my comfort zone. I make some mistakes but I adapt and grow. 

My first job out of college was for a 6 month-old, five-person design and marketing firm working out of a one-bedroom apartment in Sausalito. Fast-forward through the next couple years of round-the-clock sprints and the occasional sleeping under the desk, we were able to expand the company to a team of more than 50. 

Currently, I’m on the team at Nearlings, a friendsourcing task platform, scheduled for early 2014 beta launch.


Recently moved to Brooklyn with my lovely S.O. and a couple of quadrupeds. I enjoy comedy, travel, motorcycles  and if anyone knows a good boxing or muay thai gym in Manhattan or Brooklyn let me know.  I’m currently enthusiastic about coding and having more fun than I’d like to admit. Occasionally I have been known to breathe fire and once played a Villain in a Zombie film.

If you’d like to get in touch you can email me, endorse me, tweet me, or friend me.